SHADOW MOUNTAIN by Tess CollinsAt the peak of Shadow Mountain lives a woman who holds to the old ways of magic and conjuring. Delta Wade protects ancient mysteries for her son, Lafette, hoping he will grow up to wield those powers for the good of humankind. But the epoch of witch lore is giving way to an age of industrial titans greedy to control the mountains' resources for material gain. As one man seeks to destroy Delta, another offers his love as salvation. Mother and son struggle with an enigmatic past only to find that true magic shows its power in its own way and in its own time.

"Shadow Mountain is a story of strange beauty and violent upheaval, of glimpsed mysteries and down-to-earth love and hate. A story of coming of age, of love for the land, and of the threads that link us to our ancestors and to the unknown future. Savage, tender, remorseless, bright and dark, Shadow Mountain is a story that will dip into your dreams and leave some part of itself behind."
—Beth Tashery Shannon, author of Tanglevine

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