The Law of Revenge by Tess CollinsTHE LAW OF REVENGE is now available as an ebook. This is the first book of the Appalachian Trilogy.

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"Tess Collins writes of Appalachia with an intensity that reminds me of Sharyn McCrumb's Ballad series. With her nimble plotting and modern sensibilities, she's another authentic voice for the region." 
—Margaret Maron

"Tess Collins captures the atmosphere of Appalachia and the essence of its hill people with a tenderness, vividness, and accuracy that is positively brilliant." 

"A solid excursion into a melange of deception and greed... Filled with regional flavor and an unnerving sense of small-town claustrophobia."
San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

An Excerpt from THE LAW OF REVENGE:

"Mamaw," she said, pulling in her focus as tight as a wire. "Sometimes I get just as mad as you do. In law school, they teach us that this anger must be subjugated..." She rethought her words. "Must be conquered. Reasonable men agree to live by reasonable laws. If one of them breaks a law, then he is brought to justice by laws that have been agreed to, not by the feelings of an individual or a mob."

Mamaw listened quietly, her eyes as soft as a doe's. She set the other cup on the table in front of Alma, pulled her wheelchair, and eased down into it. "We Bashears, we don't ask for trouble, but if people do us wrong, and no justice is forthcoming, then there's only one law we'll live by—the law of revenge..."